Magnetiknorth is a fusion of live drums, acoustic instruments and electronic sequencing. Drum performances are fed through processors, samplers and sequencers to produce layers of rhythmic patterns which interact with each other. The sounds from other instruments are melted into different textures so that only the harmonic content remains. This is a new project from IAN  TREGONING, engineer and producer for artists as diverse as YELLO and FELA KUTI. Now collaborating with JAKI LIEBEZEIT, the legendary drummer from CAN, to add his endless
evolving rhythms. Jaki’s in a world of his own as he balances technical brilliance with subtle restraint.
Other guest musicians include LEE HARRIS from TALK TALK – a long-term fan of Jaki’s, to add his
explosive percussion.

Animation by Ruslan Khasanov . Music: Magnetiknorth . Jaki Liebezeit: drums . Ian Tregoning : electronics+keys . Lee Harris : djembe+chinese percussion .