I worked with stills that I took from old VHS ephemeral educational films, that I found in the depths of the internet. I found it interesting to think that this media is simply lost in the mass of information that is being uploaded and shared to the internet everyday. Essentially, what I have done is reveal them and pull them out of their ‘hiding place’ and make them come to life by not only using them but also making them into gifs. The “glitched” lines that flicker across the images and elongate the features of the gifs symbolise an erratic stillness. The images are essentially stuck on repeat, in their own movement, forever. So effectively, I have brought them back to life, only to restrain them once again on the vast sea that is the internet. The images move back and forth in a frustrated state as if they were trying to jump out of their predicament.

Lucas Gabellini Fava . Lost at sea . 2014